RosRoca: Tárrega, Spain

The factory opened in 1953 and now covers 40,000 m². Currently there are around 350 employees who produce over 1000 RCVs and 200 bin washing units every year. We serve customers throughout the world and customise our products to their local requirements. Between 2016 and 2020 we have increased our production volume substantially while reducing our emissions significantly. We are also studying the options for further waste reduction and recycling, and other improvements in line with our sustainability values.

The company is fully committed to establishing the highest industry standards for quality, performance, technology, reliability, value and safety of equipment & services. Ros Roca also gives a high regard to energy management, as well as a sharp eye on the protecting the environment.


Ros Roca’s most popular products are within the Olympus body range, which provide rear loading collection solutions for all volumes of vehicles and waste streams. There is also a wide range of traded products for collection and cleaning for the national market.

Ros Roca holds an impressive range of third party accreditations from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) including quality, environmental and energy management as well as occupational health and safety.


In with the new...
In with the new

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