Front Loaders

Olympus Millennium

The Millennium front-end loader range is a single-person operation, economical answer to the requirements of large volume commercial and industrial waste collections.

The process chain for collection and transport is efficiently closed and the need for skip loaders removed.  The Millennium comfortably offers volumes up to 43m3, with the 37m3 XXL option mounted on three axles, whilst similar vehicles might require four axles. With the smallest turning circle in the market (with a short wheelbase of 3,900 mm) the Millenium turn in 3 metres less than comparable competitors (measured on the inner turning circle).

The Millenium front loaders also offer 30 percent more volume than comparable products of the same length.

Our space saving MD4 controller is ergonomically mounted in the driver’s cab without impairing their field of vision. The function parameters and event messages are clearly and comprehensibly displayed via the 7 or 10 inch touch screen.

The MD4 can also be accessed via Bluetooth for remote maintenance. The MD4 also enables you to retrieve saved PDF documents such as operating instructions and spare parts lists.

Our lifting system cleverly stows away above the superstructure to give an unrestricted field of vision.

The Millenium offers many safety features including remote control of lifting along with infrared work-area protection, a safety barrier on the roof of the superstructure and a safety handle at the access point under the maintenance door.


  • Payload: Up to 13t
  • Axle Configuration: 3 & 4 axle variants
  • Body Volume: 33 m³ to 43 m³
  • Container Handling: 120 l to 10 m³
  • Lifting Capacity: 3600 kg
  • In-Cab Control Panel: MD4 controller, 7 or 10" touch screen
  • Arm Type: Front loader lifter
  • Lifter Chair Configuration: Combination Fork for FEL containers and 1100 l flat lid bins
  • Container Swap System
    (CWS) option: No
  • Remote Diagnostics: Remote maintenance via Bluetooth

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