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Terberg Environmental are synonymous with innovative, high quality, robust and reliable equipment. Rigorous testing, careful design and world class manufacturing techniques ensure that our products are of a consistent high quality.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a measure of how much a specific asset will cost a business over the longer operational term. We offer products that deliver superb TCO through quality build, simplified maintenance, efficiency saving features and pure reliability.

Our products come at a competitive price when taking into account the low cost of ownership. Waste collection is a tough business and places equipment in harsh environments that can highlight mechanical weakness.

Considering TCO ensures that you understand, and therefore budget, the amount of capital that a vehicle will swallow up during its useful lifespan. By using TCO calculation your business can make a procurement decision that offers the best long-term value. 

Yes you can buy cheaper than a Terberg but TCO is about considering more than just the purchase cost, using purchase cost alone as your driver to buy is false economy. It is much better to consider both the initial purchase price and the cost of ownership and operation over the desired lifetime of the vehicle.

If a product is not robust and fit for purpose it will lead to regular failure and that means expensive downtime and reduced efficiencies which impact your profitability. When making a purchasing decision the 'cost' should never just be taken as purchase price but should take into account the day to day running costs over the lifetime of the equipment.

Choose Terberg and provide your organisation with a reliable, safe solution that gives high efficiency and minimal downtime to deliver low whole life costs.


An analysis of the factors that you can use when calculating the total cost of ownership of one of our products can probably be illustrated best if we take the example of a refuse collection vehicle.


Let’s consider a Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV), when you purchase an RCV the initial cost is of course the ‘ticket’ price as supplied to you. However, the Total Cost of Ownership could include elements such as the following:

  • Extended warranties
  • Repair and maintenance agreements
  • Commissioning & operator training
  • Vehicle hire to cover downtime
  • Preventive maintenance parts and labour
  • Number of crew members required to operate it
  • Cycle time of bin lifting system and compaction body
  • Fuel, tax and insurance costs
  • Accident & repair costs
  • Servicing of chassis, body and lifting system
  • Service engineer call outs
  • Interest on any leasing agreements

The list above is not exhaustive but its easy to see that some might be ‘hidden’ costs that you didn’t take into consideration when just looking at the purchase price.

We can help you factor in these additional, sometimes unexpected costs using a combination of our experience and accurate estimates ensuring that your business understands the true cost of operating an RCV over its lifetime of operation. We’re confident that by using TCO as a measure you’ll find that Terberg products offer excellent value and superb whole life costs.


Get in touch with our experts to learn more about the Terberg Total Cost of Ownership and let us help you deliver more efficient collection operations with predictable costs.


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